Lovecraft Letter the card game by Seiji Kanai and AEG - TLDR Game review:

Lovecraft Letter card game TLDR game review

Lovecraft Letter is a card game for 2-6 players in which you're trying to survive some unspeakable evil. Draw a card, play a card and try to be there at the end, still with your sanity intact.

If you've played any Love Letter title you'll know they're good for a quick game. Lovecraft Letter veers ever so slightly from the usual gameplay with an insanity / sanity mechanic. Some cards are now dual effect, one sane, one insane. It all plays smoothly and is a lot of fun.

The box, cards, insert and tokens are fantastic. It even comes with themed card sleeves and clear sleeves for the player aid cards. Everything has been thought of.

Lovecraft Letter is my new favorite version of Love Letter. If you're not a fan of Love Letter games, this one won't dissuade you, despite being gorgeous, easy to learn / play. For me the addition of sanity as a mechanic changed things just enough to give it new life. Lovecraft Letter is for 2-6 players, aged 14+ and play time is around 10–15 minutes.

To me it's a must buy game. Just gorgeous. Definitely one to check out.... if you dare.