Card game Mafia gets a Movie Trailer

Because we missed it when it released and it is far too cheesy to not cover, here is the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of “Mafia”. Yes, based on the game and it’s now a fairly bigish budget movie, from, err, Russia.


“Mafia” or “Werewolf” as you might know it centers on finding the traitors in your midst, before they knockoff the non traitors.

“Mafia” is an action thriller, based on the famous interactive survival game "Mafia", the action takes place in the distant future in Moscow, Russia. Mafia game is a world-wide phenomenon, now the most popular television show ever. Every year, eleven fearless volunteers, from all walks of life, gather together to find out who are the innocent civilians, and who are the ruthless Mafia. A game, that the outcome of which determines who will live, and who will die. Those who die are hunted by their worst fears, in elaborate and horrifying ways, while the whole world watches in rapacious awe. There are only two ways out, to win and become wildly rich and famous, or to lose and vanish forever into the abyss of your nightmares.

Looks a little reminiscent of “The Running Man”, “Hunger Games”, “Divergent” and “Tron”, only probably not as good as any of those. Still, it’s a bit of a hoot to see a card game made into a film…. right guys?….

Think we’ll stick to playing this at big gatherings, maybe buy some rope lights to really up the realism, ya think?