Home made Knit Wit game for the impatient gamer

I’m going preface this post by saying this is NOT meant to be used as a replacement for upcoming Z-Man Games title “Knit Wit”, this is a fun craft project that will enable you to play the game before it releases. I myself made this and will be buying the retail version when it hits Australian stores, hopefully you will do that also, because it looks awesome.

Knit Wit game varaint home made tabletop gamingKnit Wit or as I like to call it “String Thing”.

Why make Knit Wit and not just wait?
So essentially this came about because our main group were desperate to play it and it became apparent no review copy was imminent for various reasons. Of course we’re all getting it when it hits retail, because a few of us collect anything with the words “Matt Leacock” on the box (including myself), but retail in Australia usually means weeks / months after it is released elsewhere.

In the meantime though what are we to do, I decided to make our own playable version on the cheap. I did this as a surprise to our teams games day and we all had a lot of fun. The cool thing about making your own version is, you can inject words into the gameplay that are relevant to you and your group, this can add to some laughs.

What you will need:
Thin chord of 8 different colors (you could use wool, but it sticks to other wool so keep that in mind)
8 bobbins / number markers
8 pegs or in this case small stationary clips
8 small notepads
8 pencils
Card for word tags
4 buttons
1 circle sticker sheet with at least 12 circle stickers

The Knit Wit chords:

knit wit chordGood Chord

I found thin chord for a buck each in the craft store. They also sold smaller clothes pegs (what the retail version uses), but I opted for small cheap stationary clips because they already had holes in them for the chord to go through. Measure out the 8 chords to a fairly good length, I went with 100cm total length, but make them as long as you need.

knit wit chord connectionAttach it!

Halve them by folding them in half, slot the bend through the hole in the clip and the two ends through the hole and pull tight. Tie a not in the other end of the chord and you’re done, repeat on the other 7. The folded chord once tied and attached to the clip was 46cm or so. You may need to snip the two ends of the chord once you’re done, just to neaten it up a bit.

Word cards:

knit wit cardsWords!

If you’re lucky enough to live in America you can probably just buy small card labels, here they were extortionate – $8 per pack and you’d need a good 4 packs – so I bought thick card and cut my own (measurements used 5.5cm x 2.8cm). I cut them out with a ruler and box-cutter. This cost a couple of dollars for the card and the cutting time (15 minutes). Cut out loads or buy loads. Now you need to come up with words for the cards. I did one word per card, mostly descriptive words like materials, colors, things and for a laugh some words that meant things to our group. Write them on with texta / sharpie and decorate them if you want to.

Marker Spools

knit wit tabletop game fan made variantSpool!

I wanted the cool wooden spools used in the actual Knit Wit, but alas crappy Australian craft stores had non, just smaller ones, so I nabbed those. You could really use anything here, so long as you can stick or write a number on it. You need 8 of them. Numbering them is easy, use the circle stickers and write the numbers on them and stick them to the top. Done.

Bonus Score Buttons

knit wit buttonsScore!

Four buttons, use the circle stickers with numbers 1-4 on them. Done. (I stuck them to the button back so they still looked like buttons from the front). These were buttons I had left over from upgrading my copy of Patchwork.

Score Pads and Pens
I found two score pads that could be split into 8 all up, perfect and at a buck each, even better. Also 8 pencils or pens, another dollar.

Total cost of the build:
Chord $7
Spools $2
Clips $1.50
Card $2
Pads $1
Pens $1
Stickers .50c
Box $1.50
Total: $16.50

Prices are going to vary dependent on what stores you have and what you substitute, but that gives you a rough idea of cost. The RRP of Knit Wit in the US

For the rules of the game just download them from Z-Man Games, it’s all very straightforward and you can even do variant rules where you don’t need to stick to a word limit, or do multiple words per round.

“Knit Wit” as a play mechanic is a whole lot of fun and we can’t wait to play the proper version. In the meantime though, we’ll play our homemade version and enjoy it just the same, even if it doesn’t look as cool as the retail version.

If you make your own version, tag us so we get to see it and happy gaming!

Article by GirlyGamer.

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