Mars Open: Tabletop Golf dexterity game on Kickstarter:

We're fans of some dexterity games, we're also fans of Bellwether Games, which leads us nicely into our Kickstarter highlight for this week, Mars Open: Tabletop Golf, a flick-able Golf Game.

This looks really clever with the flickable golf "ball" card designed in such a way that you can actually do some trick shots. Mars Open: Tabletop Golf sees players shooting over obstacles, trying to get the 'ball' into the crater (hole).

If you are a fan of golf, mini-golf or disc golf, if you like dexterity games or if you are just looking for something FUN and DIFFERENT, Mars Open is for you!

Someone in our team backed it and we think you might like it, so incase you missed it, be sure to head over to the Mars Open: Tabletop Golf Kickstarter page.

And it's Friday! So happy gaming for the weekend fellow gamers! Let us know what you're playing over on Facebook or Twitter.