Grail Games Medici now live on Kickstarter

First published back in 1995, Reiner Knizia’s “Medici” is a classic tabletop game and now it’s had a facelift. Sydney based publishing studio Grail Games has worked with award-winning artist Vincent Dutrait (“Rise of Augustus”, “Lewis & Clark”, “Broom Service”) to bring us a new English language edition and today it hit Kickstarter.

Grail Games Medici now on KickstarterMedici – Well it’s all looking rather lovely.

Since its first release in 1995, Reiner Knizia’s Medici has come to be considered a modern classic of board games. By one of the world’s most respected designers and with stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Vincent Dutrait, Grail Games is pleased to present a new, 3rd English edition of this famous auction game.

Dr Reiner Knizia Midici published in 2016 by Grail Games Australia - Gameapalooza tabletop game news and reviewsMedici by Dr Reiner Knizia – English language edition in 2016.

We suggest you get over to the Medici Kickstarter page and give it some consideration, supporting not only the hobby, but also – more importantly – an Australian publisher in the form of Grail Games.