Meeple War board game from CMON releasing end September

We're a sucker for cute box art, we admit it and Meeple War has it in droves. Meeple War is a worker placement / area control game set in the four kingdoms of Lilliput, yeah Lilliput!

Before these elegant little wooden figures served faithfully in Carcassonne City and many other playful treasures, did you know that the meeples were originally battle vehicles for the four kingdoms of Lilliput? Embody yourself as one of the leaders of those kingdoms and re-enact (in actual size!) those tremendous battles of history. Develop your city, claim new territories, fight for glory, and destroy enemy cities: It’s time for meeple war!

The box comes with 52 wooden meeples!! Use your meeple overlords to gain victory points as you lay way enemy armies and cities, whilst developing your own.

Meeple War is set for a US release of 29 September with a US MSRP of $40.