Monopoly Cthulhu because Cthulhu!

HP Lovecraft, the man would be a billionaire were he alive today, because let’s face it, his monstrous creation Cthulhu is available in pretty much every pop culture item you can buy.

USAopoly who release anything they see as ‘hot’ as a Monopoly version are doing “Monopoly: Cthulhu”… of course.

monopoly cthulhu usaopoly release australian release in questionMonopoly Cthulhu because Cthulhu EVERYTHING!

At the moment their site is saying “Monopoly: Cthulhu” is only available in the US and Canada, so Aussie gamers, looks like you’ll be either praying to the Elder gods or importing it.

We love Cthulhu Mythos, but we kind of hate Monopoly, so… rock… hard place.

How about you?