Aussie card game Monsters Boom now on Kickstarter:

You know we love supporting Aussie tabletop game designers here on Gameapalooza, so if ever we spot one on Kickstarter it's probably going to end up here.

This week it's Monsters Boom by MoonMARES Games. Monsters Boom is a game based loosely on a Tic-Tac-Toe mechanism. The game sees 2-4 players fighting to be the first to have 3 same colour monsters in a row on the grid.

By reinventing tic tac toe, an exciting and strategical monster card game has born. Let the monster grow and win.

The game is allegedly great for adults and kids alike, which is always nice. Be sure and check out Monsters Boom on Kickstarter, by Aussie company MoonMARES, maybe you'll want to back it.