Fallout: The Board Game from FFG

We're super excited about the upcomnig Fallout board game, because it's Fallout and some of us are big fans of that on console. In case you missed our previous post, Fantasy Flight Games is releasing a new licensed board game based on the video game by Bethesda.

The Great War of 2077 is so long past there is no place in your memory for its events, but the barren landscape before you has its own story to tell. Immaculate homes which once housed seemingly perfect families and busied Mr. Handys have been transformed into empty shells. Humans wander the wasteland among mutated creatures and rogue robots, in search of little more than survival. You are now among them. Sure, this world might be a mere shadow of its former glory, but plenty of adventure and mystery still await a brave traveler. And your adventure has only just begun...

The minis looks amazing, the overall look of it is very Fallout, there's even Nuka-Cola cap tokens (we assume the in game currency). Did we mention those miniatures, omg.

Just like in the video game, Fallout: The Board Game will see you grow your character, shape its narrative as you go questing, killing, drifting, and chilling.

Fallout: The Board Game will release from FFG Q4 this year.

War.. War Never Changes