Most Annoying Things About Tabletop Gaming

We LOVE tabletop gaming, board games, card games, tile games, dice games, quiz games, RPG’s and even some trash games. Despite this giant love-in, the hobby of tabletop gaming is not without its “$#%&! #@&” tableflip moments. We thought we’d add a few here.

Game Boxes! Publishers, just do regular boxes, so they sit on a shelf all nice like. And don’t do that crappy flap top boxes, for small games, it’s 2015, slide on lid, or even better one of those magnetic snap boxes. Big box games need to be squarish, that’s it, that’s the rule (we can cope with some rectangular-ish). Tins, Tins are okay, but you know what’s better than tins? Flat tins, non hugely embossed tins, if you’re embossing, why not emboss inward, instead of outward. Know what’s better than tins? Boxes.

Tabletop Gaming Annoyances tableflips in gaming

Game Expansion Sizes
Make them roughly the same size as the base game. Sure they can’t always be the same size, sometimes they’re smaller because of less components, but if you want a neat shelf, trying to at least make it match a little would be good for the OCD gamer. Maybe make the side width thinner, but box size the same.

Let Me Help You With YOUR Turn
That guy / girl. The one who apparently knows how to take your turn, better than you know how to take your turn, EVERY turn. Back in your box cowboy, I’ve got this.

The Rules Must Be Adhered To!
This is related to the next one. That guy / girl who wants to “check the rules” every five minutes, even if the person running the game has played it 50 times.

I MUST Analyze every possible outcome aka The AP Guy
AP guy / girl, seriously, this person can bring a really fun game to a grinding halt. Sure it’s good to think about moves and strategy, but not for ten minutes every time it’s your turn. Do it when it isn’t your turn, then a quick overview on your turn.

Magic the Gathering Tableflip

The Sore Loser
We’ve probably all had one of these in a game, or gamer group. The sore loser hates to lose, even in games where losing doesn’t really mean much. When their toxicity starts seeping over other players, it’s time to speak to them and if it doesn’t change in future games… bye bye.

Australian Prices / Releases
Australia is a beautiful country, it’s actually known as “The Lucky Country”, but when it comes to board games, less lucky than say, the US or UK. You can check out prices to see how we’re overcharged by comparison and to top things off we also get a lot of games weeks / months after they’ve released elsewhere. We’re not another planet, we’re just another country.

Kickstarter Deliveries AFTER general release
It burns doesn’t it, knowing that game you back on Kickstarter DAY ONE is still in transit and yet, all your friends (usually in the US or Europe) are already playing it, because the publisher / designer decided to release it to the masses even before the backers got their copies. Just don’t do this, it’s poor form, you got the game made because of the backers, deal with them FIRST before releasing it to all (even by a couple of weeks).

Have you got anything from your gamesnights / game groups that you’ve found annoying? We’re sure the fun WAY outweighs it, but drop them in the comments.

Image Credits: Gifs Unknown, if you know, let us know and we will amend. Screencaps via Boogie2988.