Mrs White replaced by Dr Orchid in Cluedo (aka Clue)

In what at first glance may seem like some sort of political-correctness gone awry, Hasbro has killed off poor Mrs White the housekeeper in board game “Cluedo” and replaced her with Dr Orchid, the adopted daughter of Samuel Black, owner of the mansion of murder (that’s her top center in the image below).

Hasbro state the reasoning behind the move as them needing one of the characters to go and Mrs White just happened to be it, they also suggest “Dr Orchid is a brilliant new character with a rich back story and links to the Black fortune”. Pfft. we suggest this is more about getting press for the game than any real move to update things.

Dr Orchid the new female character in Cluedo after Mrs White killed off by HasbroHere’s the new Cluedo characters thanks to Hasbro.

Miss Peacock now looks like some sort of high-end dominatrix, Professor Plum looks like a cross between Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and the Prof from Gilligan’s Island. Most amusingly though is Reverend Green, who looks like Chandler Bing from “Friends” (tell us you don’t see it, we know you do).

Cluedo Reverend Green Chandler Bing lookalike - Gameapalooza board game news and reviewsChandler Bing, the Reverend in Cluedo. We feel like they traced it.

We understand the need to modernise games, but we’re really scratching our heads as to why the need to kill off one of the main characters this game has featured since the 40s. Sure, change the artwork and the backstory to the characters if needed, but surely leaving the key components alone makes sense unless it’s a total re-theme.

What do you think about Cluedo’s new character Dr Orchid? Needed, or not needed?