Munchkin Deluxe written game review

It may have its detractors, but there is no arguing that the Munchkin games are popular, with new versions releasing all the time, including Marvel Munchkin in 2016 and Smash Up: Munchkin released Sept 2015, to name but two. There are loads of “Munchkin” versions, it is very very popular, some of us are just adverse to it, but more on that later.

Today we are looking at “Munchkin Deluxe”, which is essentially a base Munchkin game with some fancy bells and whistles over the basic set (it has a dungeon board). Needless to say you can add the multitude of expansions available to this and the box is big enough that you could put a few in here for travel.

Munchkin Deluxe board game review written by Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviews - Munchkin Deluxe contentsMunchkin Deluxe – Why’d they change the mini’s to cardboard… whyyyyyyyyyy.

Setup, Gameplay of Stockpile
Setup of “Munchkin Deluxe” is simple, set out the board, place the card stacks (treasure and doors) and player tokens. Players start with 4 treasure and 4 door cards. When you see the board only has 10 rooms in the dungeon, you’ll be wondering how on earth this game can take up to two hours to play (sometimes longer). A lot can happen in Munchkin and there’s a lot of back and forth antics that aid longevity of game length.

Gameplay all revolves around the cards, the character(s) you have, their abilities and the abilities of things you have found in the dungeon. It’s all nonsense in the sense of the things you will find and do, this is not a serious fantasy board game. The equipment cards are silly items, the characters are silly, it’s all just, well, silly.

The overall idea of gameplay is to make your way through the dungeon, trying to get to level ten before the other dungeon delvers. Kick doors open, fight a foe, gain some treasure, repeat. The thing with “Munchkin Deluxe” (and in fact all the “Munchkin” games) is things don’t always stay friendly, there’s a lot of backstabbing that goes on, especially when someone is about to win. Sure you can ask the other players to help if you’re suddenly faced with a tough monster, but those same people that helped you then, will turn on you in a heartbeat if it looks like you’re going to win.

And so is the apparent joy of a “Munchkin” game.

Game Build Quality
There’s nothing to shout about here, it’s good quality, nice box, good enough board. The downside is, they’ve re-released it without miniatures and character cards. This new version features small character tokens made of cardboard in standees, which isn’t nearly as cool as colored minis. Also why make the rulebook too long for the box, nitpicky, but come on!

Gameapalooza House Rules
Zero, though you could no doubt come up with a multitude of house rules dependent on your group and the way you tend to play.

3-6 Players

Ages: 10+

Setup Time: A few minutes
Play time: Approx 60-120 minutes (one game we played went well over two hours!).

Overall “Munchkin Deluxe” is a fun game, though we feel it can go on a little too long. If you’re not feeling the tongue-in-cheek fantasy theme, this game isn’t going to appeal to you. If you want something light that involves backstabbing and nonsense fantasy, you’re no doubt going to enjoy it. Also if you’re into ever expanding games, their are loads of expansions available and we mean LOADS. For this reviewer that kind of has an adverse affect (STOP with the Munchkin already!).

Munchkin” is one to try for yourself and at the fairly cheap price point, what have you got to lose. It’s not for everyone, but the party game / light game crowd seem to love it. For two hours, we’d rather play Tales of the Arabian Nights or Pandemic.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – A fun, albeit overly long game, Munchkin Deluxe’s main selling point is its ease of play and the multitude of available expansions. If you’re looking for a super light card driven dungeon crawl, with nonsensical story elements, this is the game for you. Everyone else, move along!
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