My First Stone Age! Released 2016 from Z-Man Games

If you’ve got little ones in the house, finding games to play with them that you will also enjoy can be tough (HABA aside). Games like “My First Carcassonne” and “Catan Junior” show how well ‘bigger’ games can work when made simpler for kids. Z-Man Games has taken note and are releasing the hugely popular “Stone Age” for kids.

Your favorite worker placement game stepped into the hut to give you a new board game of its own : My First Stone Age!

Based on the same mechanics that made its predecessor so fun and famous, My First Stone Age will allow you to share the great experience you know and love with your whole family.

2016 Release. More details to come.

Z-man games my first stone age board game for kids - australian tabletop board game news and reviews by gameapalooza Z-Man let the mammoth out of the bag via Twitter.

Note “based on the same mechanics”, well if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it we say, this is great news. If you’re looking to tweak existing games for toddlers, be sure and check out girlygamer’s handy article “Play Dat Game Nonna!” for that.