Mysterium for iOS, PC and Android

Spooky things are coming to iOS, Android and Steam with haunted hit “Mysterium” headed to digital. If you somehow managed to miss Mysterium, we have a handy TL;DR Review of it here.

TLDR Mysterium board game review Tabletop game news and reviews from Gameapalooza AustraliaMysterium, a beautiful visual delight of a game.

In a nutshell players take on the roles of famous psychics and convene in a mysterious mansion. It is their job to try and unravel the secrets of the mansion via dreams and visions (image cards in the game). It’s a very clever mechanic with one player playing the ghost and unable to speak, merely giving clues to the psychics (players) via cards.

If you like the sound of that you can look forward to the digital version of Mysterium next month. It’s got a price point of $7 USD on mobile and $10 USD on PC.