Nerds of Wisdom

Since we started Gameapalooza the team has changed and shifted. We’ve had flakes come and go “I REALLY want to be a reviewer of board games!”. We’ve had core members have to leave due to real-life work commitments and we’ve had the odd writer stay true to their word and remain a valued contributor, bringing us interesting reviews and articles.

Dave from Nerds of Wisdom in one such person. A valued member of the team, so we thought we’d throw a big ole spotlight on him today in this Gameapalooza staff spotlight. Dave runs his own blog, YouTube Channel, he’s on Twitter AND he’s on our favorite social tool for board gaming, Instagram.

You can check out Dave’s latest Youtube video below. Be sure and check out Dave at his various haunts and give him a follow, he’s a super keen board gamer and has a lot of insight to give within our wonderful hobby.

We’ll be looking at another staff member soon!
Happy gaming!