Deck builder game Dominion – What BIG games have you missed due to a lack of interest?

We admit it, no one in our main group has played deck building game “Dominion”. This is a complete oddity, given we all have a fairly serious cardboard addiction and fairly extensive tabletop game collections. There’s just something about this game that hasn’t grabbed any of us. Sure we’ve discussed it, we’ve seen it on store shelves and… meh.

Today we made that admission on an Instagram post and asked for feedback on the situation from the Instagram community (an AWESOME community for board gaming if you’re unaware). The feedback we got was a resounding “play it, it’s awesome” essentially. Only one respondent admitting to also not playing it themselves. Some agreed – that like some of us – they too thought “Dominion” was a wargame title, so never bothered with it.

Dominion deck builder card game game news reviews articles gameapalooza AustraliaDominion … missed the boat. You?

This got us thinking, what big / popular / hyped games have you missed out on dear readers? Or what tabletop games have you never really had an interest in, despite a lot of ‘hotness’ surrounding them?

We’d love to hear it. For us, it is definitely “Dominion”. What is it for you?