Coup Rebellion G54 and One Night Revolution inbound!

Looks like “The Resistance” universe is about to get a little bigger, with word two ‘new’ standalone titles are releasing next month. This is essentially more Kickstarter editions getting the mass market release. “Coup Rebellion G54” funded back in May on the platform and is now set for store shelves (with backers presently receiving the KS edition) and “One Night Revolution” funded back in May also.

Coup: Rebellion G54 gameapalooza aussie tabletop game news and reviewsCoup: Rebellion G54 looking pretty sweet

“Coup: Rebellion G54” uses the same lightning fast rules found in Coup – claim, counter, challenge and bluff – and then adds an exciting strategic layer via character selection. Before each game starts, five character roles are chosen randomly from 25 different cards. Each of the five characters has a unique ability – the combination of abilities and interplay between them makes each game unique. There are over 5,000 different ways to play!

3 – 6 players
Ages 12+
Play time approx: 15 mins
MSRP (U.S.) $29.99USD

“One Night Revolution” comes to us from Indie Boards & Cards and Bezier Games and features elements from both “The Resistance” and “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”. How’s that work you say? Well let us tell you, “One Night Revolution” sees 3 – 10 players pitted against each other with secret identities, you guessed it, as The Resistance or Spies.

One Night Resistance Australian tabletop game news and reviewsOne Night Resistance, err we mean One Night Revolution

3 – 10 players
Ages 14+
Play time approx: 15 minutes
MSRP (U.S.) is $24.99USD

Unless your local tabletop game store loves paying a premium to get in their imports, these probably won’t show up until November here in the land down under.