No Fish! from 93 Made Games now on Kickstarter

Looking for a light, fun game in the style of Hanabi? Look no further, 93 Made Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for “No Fish!”, a little card game we were rather fond of.

93 Made Games Australia cardgame No Fish! PreviewNo Fish! by 93 Made Games in Australia. Loads of fun.

You and your fellow fishermen are having a whale of a time on the high seas. The fish are literally jumping into your boats. So many fish are landing on deck that your boats are beginning to overload and capsize. The only way to tackle this fishy situation is to release all of the fish you’ve caught before you take a trip to Davy Jones’ locker. The winner is the first fisherman to release all their fish. Good luck and let cod be with you!

93 Made Games No Fish! card game now on Kickstarter - Australia game news and reviewsNo Fish! Deluxe is looking pretty darn sweet! Can’t afford that, get the regular version.

93 Made Games is an Australian company, so get on over to Kickstarter and give it at least a look. The cool thing is Sean took ‘on board’ (chuckle) what we’d mentioned about a Deluxe version in our preview and he’s including it in the campaign. Great stuff. We’ll be backing it, hopefully you will too.