#WheresRey debacle continues. Hasbro still making excuses

Who would you say is the main character in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”? You probably said Rey, at a push Finn. Sure you might have said Kylo Ren, but that’s just because you like the bad guy, go on, admit it.

As screen time goes Daisy Ridley’s protagonist character Rey is the main character of the film (and the title of the film – just sayin!), so why is she continually missing from the merchandise. It’s not sexism… no… really.

The new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Monopoly game features four characters from the movie, oh no wait, three, three from the movie, no wait, actually kind of two and they are Kylo and Finn and all character tokens are male. It’s not sexism though… really.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Monopoly #WheresRey disgrace Yup, no Phasma for the dark side and no Rey for the light, but you know, it’s not sexism.

Hasbro released a statement citing ‘spoilers’ as the reason they opted to include Darth Vader (not even in the movie) and Luke, over Rey, because you know none of us knew anything about Rey BEFORE we saw the movie, give us a break Hasbro.

Hasbro’s very website is separated into boys and girls, but they’re not sexist and were just protecting us from spoiling the plot of the movie, right. We found out Daisy Ridley was set to play Rey in April 2014, just sayin.

Make of it what you will… but it’s not sexism… really (where’s that rolling eyes emoji).

We actually covered this back on September 7, 2015, but the rest of the world is just taking notice today, so we’re revisiting.