50th Anniversary Edition of Nuclear War card game now on Kickstarter

Just a quick one today and rather nostalgic. Card game “Nuclear War” is now on Kickstarter in its 50th Anniversary form. The satirical card game about nuclear devastation first released back in 1965 and has stood the test of time. “Nuclear War” is a multiplayer card game in which players try and protect their populace, lose your population, lose the game.

Nuclear War Tabletop Game 50th Anniversary Edition on Kickstarter50 years long, not bad for card game.

Since 2015 is the fiftieth anniversary of the original publication of this game, I think it is only fitting that I produce a special anniversary edition. However, I am still a small, self-financed company. I don’t have the funds to produce this without your help.

Head on over to Kickstarter to see the full story of “Nuclear War” and the cool rewards offered with the 50th Anniversary edition.