Official Fallout Monopoly board game finally a thing

It’s finally happening, An official “Fallout Monopoly” game is coming and according to official Fallout social media it’s coming soon! The official Fallout Twitter account put out the following tweet, with the image below attached: “When #Fallout4 monopolizes family time, you can always bust this out (coming soon!)”.

Fallout Collectors Edition Monopoly now official - Board Game News and Reviews AustraliaFallout Collectors Edition Monopoly is now official! Huzzah!!!!

Given the wording, we can assume the official “Fallout Monopoly” game will release when or before video game “Fallout 4”, that’s November 10 for those wondering. We’ve covered a “Fallout Monopoly” game before, because fans of the franchise have made numerous beautiful editions in homage. An official version takes all that hassle out of things and opens things up to those less skilled in art.

No further details are available at the moment, and whilst we’re not huge Monopoly fans here at Gameapalooza Towers, we are excited for Fallout Monopoly, so let’s hope it’s vaults and bottle caps all the way!