OrganATTACK! Tabletop Game TLDR Review:

OrganATTACK! card game tabletop game TLDR review

OrganATTACK! (Organ Attack!) is a card game for 2-5 players in which the object of the game is to remove your opponents' organs (cards) before they remove yours. Last organ (card) left is the winner.

In OrganATTACK! players begin with a hand of organs and attack cards. Taking turns playing afflictions on opponents organs, with two removing that organ. It's a fast, silly game, with strategy coming from the different affliction powers.

OrganATTACK! card game TLDR review

A perfect card game, no, you can get stuck with cards, but overall, not too bad. We should mention the sleeved cover hides what is a genuinely cool book cover, it's a shame the publisher went with this option, as the plain cover has more shelf appeal. One to check out if you like quick card games with a faux medical twist.