Outlander board game releasing 2016

Heads up “Outlander” fans, Claire and Jamie are getting a board game next year. If you’re not aware of “Outlander” here’s the upshot: YOU NEED TO WATCH OUTLANDER… ahem. Yes the Gameapalooza team are fans of this amazing TV series, so we’re not at all upset to learn it’s getting a board game tie-in, though we are of course hoping it’s good.

“Outlander” is a historical, time-travel, romance, sword fighting, epic adventure, drama for adults (definitely for adults, there’s a lot of…. human relations and torture and such).

Outlander board game releasing via ToyVault - Gameapalooza tabletop game news and reviews.Outlander board game. Let’s all hope it does the TV series justice.

The “Outlander” board game is coming to us from Toy Vault (with action figures coming from Tonner). We can cross every digit and hope that the “Outlander” board game does the exquisite TV series justice. Guess we’ll find out late next year.

Here’s a trailer / promo for Outlander season one, in case you’ve missed it (and yes it’s by Ron Moore of “Battlestar Galactica” fame). Season one is out on DVD / Bluray here in Australia (you can get it in JB Hifi and probably most other places).