Outlander Destiny Dice – The Outlander Dice Game

Here’s hoping this one sees the light of day, because we’re still waiting on that Outlander Board Game that was supposed to come out around about now. Outlander Destiny Dice is an upcomnig dice game from Toy Vault that sees players working to bring lovers Jamie and Claire together, all whilst working against the likes of Black Jack Randall and other Outlander villains.

outlander destiny dice gameOutlander Destiny Dice – Get your game on Sassenachs.

If you’re a fan of the Outlander TV series, this is probably going to be on your to buy list. Here’s hopnig it’s better than season two (we know Outlander fans will know what that means). For those of you who don’t watch Outlander, this sounds like your stock standard dice title that utilizes action cards to change outcomes. Essentially good characters from Outlander can help you out, whilst the bad guys will try and screw things up for you (just like in the show).

The release date on Outlander Destiny Dice is January 2017. It features six custom-dice, 40 action cards, markers, rules and out of time Scottish mayhem.