PANDA Games Convention Australia – PandaCon!

Heads up if you’re an Australian tabletop gamer with some time on his / her hands mid next year. The PANDA Games Convention (PandaCon) is the newest convention in town and we’re covering it because it’s an Australian event and we like the ethos behind it. Here’s what Ian – the chap behind PandaCon – had to say:

“Gaming, board games in particular are so popular but so many events cater to experienced and competitive players. I want to help create an event that reminds me of the events I used to go to and enjoy so much.”- Ian Bouch, Director

Sounds like Ian thinks similarly to ourselves here at Gameapalooza, because as well as wanting to bring board gaming to all, the Panda Games Convention also wants to “promote local developers, manufacturers and innovators within the gaming community by giving them a free and fun event to showcase the fruits of their hard work”. Brilliant stuff.

The PANDA Games Convention takes place the weekend of the 1st to the 3rd of July, 2016

  • 1pm to Midnight Friday
  • 9am to 6pm Saturday (plus Saturday Night Frivolities starting at 7pm)
  • 9am to 6pm Sunday

Participate in as many tournaments/events as you like for only $25 per day or $50 for the whole weekend!!!

Plus an extra $25 for the Saturday Night Frivolities, which includes a complimentary drink, finger food & entertainment/games.

Kindred Studios, 212A Whitehall St, Yarraville VIC 3013

We’re really hoping Ian manages to pull this off and make it a success. The idea of going to a tabletop game convention within Australia that manages to tap into the nostalgia of the smaller conventions of old, well, it’s great stuff.

If you want to find out more, just head over to the PANDA Games Convention website PandaCon.