Pandasaurus Games announce two-player only game Duelosaur Island:

With Pandasaurus Games latest offering Dinosaur Island getting great reviews (we've enjoyed it too), they're lurching forward with a two-player version.

Duelosaur Island is a brand new stand-alone 2 player sequel to Dinosaur Island.

Designed by Ian Moss and developed by Dinosaur Island designer Jon Gilmour, Duelosaur has completely unique mechanics that make it an amazing experience that is sure to add to anyone’s collection.

Duelosaur Island is based on Dinosaur Island, bringing back a lot of the same feeling that players loved about the latter. Duelosaur Island also introduces an entirely new hand-management tableau-building engine that is unlike anything you’ve seen in Dinosaur Island, and a really tense “I cut you choose” dice drafting mechanic.

  • 30-45 minute playtime

  • Ages 10+

  • 2 players

Well it sounds pretty great to us. Duelosaur Island is scheduled for release later this year at a USD MSRP of $34.95 so expect to pay around $60 here in Australia.