Pandemic board game – Game Review

A quick bit of background about the board game “Pandemic”. First released in 2008, the overall premise of “Pandemic” is simple enough, you and the others players are agents of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta). You must work together to cure four types of disease that have broken out in various places in the world. Yes “Pandemic” is a cooperative game, a captivating, heart thumping, simple to play cooperative game.

Pandemic board game reviewPandemic Review – Save the world!!

Setup & Gameplay
Setup of “Pandemic” is fairly simple, you place an allotted number of disease markers on random cities across the map, then you get your character role. Each character has a special ability, maybe you can set up research stations, maybe you can research things faster. Whatever the case bringing these abilities together is the only chance you have, because “Pandemic” is unforgiving.

Pandemic board game reviewThe Pandemic board – Travel the world kill disease!

Now here’s the interesting thing. how many games do you return to time and time again when you lose more often than you win? Probably not many, most people like that sense of achievement, even the less competitive ones, you like to feel you achieved something. “Pandemic” is an odd game because even when you lose (which is often), you just want to play it again. Given that’s the case, you know this is a great game.

Pandemic board game review - character cardsCharacters in Pandemic have different abilities – Hopefully useful to you and your team!

As with our other reviews here, we’re not going to hit you over the head with rules, we think it’s more important to tell you about the games fun factor (assuming it has one). The rules are on a double sheet, that’s it, it’s easy, despite looking complicated. That’s all you need to know, beginners welcome, though you may need to convince them to play a couple of rounds to feel the ease.

Each player takes trips around the board, driving or flying to different cities all around the world, trying to quell the infections before they take hold and a huge outbreak occurs. The real fun is in strategising to aid one another, in ensuring each player isn’t left floundering around.

Pandemic board game review action cardsEpidemic, you do NOT want that.

Game Build Quality
Really great build, from the nice dappled sheen of the box itself, to the disease cubes, character cards and board. It’s let down slightly by the in box storage, which could be a lot better, all meeples / pieces reside in plastic ziplock bags. Given the price of this one (even in Australia where we get ripped off big time) it’s still well worth getting.

“Pandemic” is an easy to play game (that looks complicated). It’s fairly unforgiving, but still an absolute blast. It’s well made and easy to set up and get into. Sure you’ll need to be on your toes, as strategy plays a fairly large part in ensuring your success, but it’s never too taxing. Everything just feels right and hey your geography skill will go up a level as you travel the globe.

2-4 Players (5 with expansion)
Ages: 10+
Setup Time: minimal

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[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Pandemic is a must buy game, it’s well priced, well made, a heap of fun AND there’s loads of expansions out for it already (with new things looming). What are you waiting for go get it, you’ve got a world to save! [/authorinfo] [/author]