Pandemic Fall of Rome game preview by Z-man Games

Last month we covered the new game headed to us in the Pandemic family, that game is Pandemic: Fall of Rome. Well now we're privy to a whole slew of information courtesy of Z-man's just released official preview.

Pandemic: Fall of Rome is the third title in the Survival series, following Iberia and Rising Tide. For those of you unfamiliar with Pandemic Survival, it's the world's first tournament format for a cooperative game that debuted back at Essen SPIEL 2015 and has been going strong ever since. Games in the Survival series celebrate the people, culture, and heritage of the host country where the World Championship is held.

Sure we could rewrite the preview here so you had more to read, but let's face it, that's nonsense when websites do that. So here's the pink to the official preview, check it out and you'll have all you need and we're pleased to have sent you down that path.