Pandemic Legacy out now Brisbane & Gold Coast Queensland

Just a quick news item for those gamers local to us at Gameapalooza Towers, that is people in the Brisbane / Gold Coast areas of Queensland, Australia.

Frankly in the aftermath of Spiel everything has gone eerily quiet anyway, so we apologize for this break in our regular proper tabletop news, but we hope this might be of use to locals.

Pandemic Legacy season 1 Australian release info Brisbane Gold Coast storesPandemic Legacy – We’ve got ours, have you got yours?

If you’ve been waiting on “Pandemic Legacy” we’re hearing it’s in a few stores on the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. We saw it this morning in Good Games on the Gold Coast and they had loads of copies (Red & Blue, though more Red – not that it makes a difference internally). The cool folks up at Presents of Mind, Brisbane also have it in stock, so head on up there if it’s closer to you.

Now, we’re off to take a closer look at ours.
See you in a month 😉