Pandemic Legacy Season 2 website in quarantine

(UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE!) Something is afoot, the Pandemic Legacy Season 2 website is under quarantine. Maybe we're just super excited, but any change on the Pandemic Legacy Season 2 website is worth noting.

LOCKDOWN IN PROGRESS This area is under mandatory quarantine. Haven personnel are working to reduce contamination levels. Please stand by and await further instructions.

We can't wait for this game, as we probably mentioned here when we reported on it last. Come on Z-Man, quit teasing us, we want that release date announcement! (which is what we're assuming this update is about).

UPDATE!!!!!! ALL the information you could possibly want about Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is now live (the day after this article). We figured rather than doing a lame full post we'd just send you over to The Official story at Z-Man Games. It looks AMAZING!