Pandemic: The Cure dice game TL;DR Review

The overall premise of “Pandemic: The Cure” is simple enough, you and the others players are agents of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta). You must work together to cure four types of disease that have broken out around the world. Yes “Pandemic: The Cure” is a cooperative dice game and a sort of little sister to board game “Pandemic”.

Pandemic the Cure tabletop game modification by Gameapalooza Australia's GirlyGamer

“Pandemic: The Cure” takes the best bits of “Pandemic” and condenses it down into what could be termed a travel friendly version (though it does come in the same size box, there is no board).

If you like “Pandemic”, then “Pandemic: The Cure” is a must buy game, it’s well priced, well made, a heap of fun and it takes the core gameplay of the “Pandemic” franchise. Haven't played Pandemic? Get that first.

  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 8+
  • Setup Time: minimal