Two Player Battle Game Crystal Clans coming from Plaid Hat Games

Well it's not the new Crossroads Game we're all hanging out for, but it is another title from Plaid Hat Games, so it's definitely worth covering. Here's the skinny from the horses mouth:

Crystal Clans is a new 2-player expandable battle game from Plaid Hat Games by designer Andrea Mezzotero with additional design by Colby Dauch and J. Arthur Ellis. Featuring stunning art by Martin Abel, Crystal Clans is a breath of fresh air, engaging players with a captivating world and fascinating new gameplay mechanics.

The game gets the name Crystal Clans due to the players trying to control four crystals. Build your armies, smash your opponents and take control of the all important Crystals!

You can see the full story over at Plaid Hat, including people getting all hissy fit in the comments because GASP! Plaid Hat Games has used female pronouns in their rules!! Seriously... the world is like it is and THIS is a major issue? God forbid women play board games and feel inclusive too. Get over it fella's we've got plenty if his and him board game rules to read.