Plan B Games publishing Century Trilogy

There’s a new game publisher in Canada and it looks like they will be bringing us the long awaited Century Trilogy. Not sure what that is? Angela mentioned it in her most anticipated games of this year on her personal channel.

Plan B Games came about when Sophie Gravel left F2Z along with some colleagues. Needless to say they’ve got experience up the wazoo and there’s just something really cool about the name and the way this came about. Everyone needs a Plan B right?

A world of possibilities!

Our mission: Bring together exceptionally
talented people to create and release exceptionally good games.

Dream. Innovate. Reinvent.
Taking a risk is often the starting point of a change,
of an evolution towards something new.

The caterpillar takes an enormous risk to put forward her « Plan B ».
At the end, wasn’t it the most wonderful and beautiful outcome?

It all sounds great and the fact they’re releasing Century Trilogy means this is a house to watch. We also like that the staff is made up of men and women, quite a few women, bravo, you don’t see that very often in the board games industry.

Plan B Games Team - Board Games Company CanadaThe Plan B Team – Looking good guys.

Century: Spice Road is due out mid year, with Plan B Games set to announce more games also coming this year. If you want to know more, just head over to the Plan B Games website.