Poop the Card Game Review

Poop: The Game is as probably exactly what you expect it to be. So I will not waste your time with trying to over analyse and intellectualise this game. It is a basic reskinning of Uno with toilet humour.

Set Up and Game Play
Shuffle and place the toilet deck face down. Do the same for the player deck and draw five cards. Flip the top card of the toilet deck and reveal a toilet with a number on the lid. This number is the number that will clog the toilet. The player deck contains cards with numbers, skips, wilds, reverse and so forth.

The goal is to play every card in your hand but being careful to not block the toilet. As cards with numbers are played those numbers add up collectively and the person who plays a number card that adds up to or higher than the number on the toilet lid, they have clogged the toilet. If a player clogs the toilet they must take all cards played. However, if three of the same colour card are played in a row then the toilet is considered flushed and all cards are discarded. Everyone then draws an extra card except the player who played the third card. The big twist is the wild cards. They have zero on them and an action. The zero on the card ensures the player does not block the toilet, but that player must perform the action for every subsequent card played. These all contain actions such as making fart noises, or grunting, or other potty jokes.

Poop the Card Game reviewPoop the Game – Don’t clog the toilet with your poop!

There is little to say about the game play here. This is a very scaled down version of Uno. The artwork is basic and unappealing. The game play is quick lacking in challenge. The game seems to suffer from not knowing what it is. It has multiple rule sets and suggests that it is a kids game or a drinking game, just not both. When a game recommends being intoxicated to play it there is little doubt that the game itself offers nothing inherently interesting, and that is the case here. I can see that kids may play it, but with the complexity, variety, and engagement of games out at the moment it is hard to believe that this game will get significant play. The Poop jokes will carry the game a few rounds, but ultimately I see this game not hitting the table after the first few plays. It really is not a bad game, just not one I could recommend over the rich variety of games I already own.

So I feel it is my responsibility to finish the review in the spirit of the game. I was reticent to write a review, but I managed to force one out. The movement of play flows easily. While the game tries to sell itself as an all ages activity, I would say it really only suits small squirts. So if you are looking for a nugget of wisdom, I would say that this game will, in the end, be the number 2 option. While this game doesn’t blow, there are piles of better games out there, and even funny ones that are a real gas. Everything about this game is cheap, design, cards, and cost. While I doubt I will make this a regular, I might try it with the kids at work and see what they say.