Portal Games announces My Happy Farm

Hard to believe “My Happy Farm” comes to us from the guys who made spooky hit “Mysterium”, but it does. The award winning game is getting an English language version thanks to Portal Games.

My Happy Farm from Portal Games Australian board game news and reviewsMy Happy Farm from Portal Games. Some adorableness from the makers of Mysterium.

In My Happy Farm, the players must purchase, plant, and harvest crops in order to feed their animals and make them happy. Each turn, the players may only take 2 actions, and some plants take multiple turns to fully grow. The players must time their planting and harvesting to maximize their potential to feed their animals. There are a limited number of feeding cards available, so the players must be careful or someone else may purchase the cards first!

Portal Games My Happy Farm tabletop game news AustraliaCute components in My Happy Farm from Portal Games.

“My Happy Farm” looks adorable and we’re excited to see it getting its English language iteration. We realise this probably isn’t one that’s going to appeal to our hardcore readers, but hopefully “My Happy Farm” will make it to Australian game stores shelves for those who want something lighter. “My Happy Farm” is for 2-4 players, ages 8+ with a play time of approximately 30 minutes.