“Quadropolis” is on our wants list, is it on yours? In “Quadropolis” players take on the role of Mayor in a modern city. Come up with strategies to make your city better than your opponents. Buildings score victory points, so build wisely.

Quadropolis board game by Days of Wonder release date March April 2016 - Boardgame tabletop game news and reviews AustraliaQuadropolis – Play the Mayor of an expanding city. Looks pretty good.

Over four rounds, players use architects to pick up buildings and place them in their city. Each player has four architects and play revolves around a grid board, meaning strategy comes in with regards to building choice.

Days of Wonder Quadropolis - City building board game - Tabletop game news and reviews Australia Quadropolis game contents – Releasing March / April. Will you be getting it?

We think “Quadropolis” looks like a lot of fun. It comes to us from François Gandon and Days of Wonder. You’ll see it hitting store shelves in the UK / Europe from March and US in April. Usually this means May / June for us in Australia, unless you’re buying online.

Will you be picking up city builder “Quadropolis”?