Ratland board game on Kickstarter

Kickstarter heads-up for the day comes in the form of Ratland from Eclipse Editorial. An area movement / simultaneous action selection game that sees players taking on the role of rats, vying to become master of the sewer.

Think like a rat, act like a rat. BE A RAT! Manage and multiply your clan of rats and become master of the sewers. Scout the dangerous areas outside for food or snatch it from your neighbors. But be careful, they’ll try to do the same!

We like the artwork in Ratland and who doesn't love cheese player pieces. The only downside of the Kickstarter for Ratland is they've done the add-on thing for figures instead of tokens.

Ratland contains:

  • 80 rats tokens.
  • 4 sewer gameboards.
  • 4 barriers.
  • 31 cards (14 event cards, 9 food cards, 4 graveyard cards and 4 Summary cards.
  • 60 cheese miniatures of assorted colors.
  • 1 cloth bag.

Check out the Kickstarter project page for Ratland, you might like the same things we liked.