Raxxon by Plaidhat Games TLDR game review

Raxxon game review - Written review of Raxxon board game:

Raxxon are the good guys - so they say - a pharmaceutical company that just wants the best for us, in this time of zombie like illness.

A fully cooperative game, Raxxon sees players working as a team to try and save healthy citizens. Set in the same universe as Dead of Winter, Raxxon is a small game with some clever mechanics, including card manipulation and action point selection. Each action you take will have a consequence and perhaps a little narrative in the form of Raxxon cards.

A grid of cards are the people in the city. You need to work together to remove the healthy ones, quarantine the infected ones and thus win the game when you've saved a set number of healthy people. Raxxon is a fun little game and it plays solo, but some games seem more about luck than strategy (flip a row of healthy citizens makes your job a lot easier). If you're after a puzzle game featuring zombies, check it out. Though there's not a lot to the game itself, there are online scenarios.

In my opinion Raxxon is a game to play before you buy, it's not that it's bad, it's just that there's not a whole lot to it (thus people making scenarios online). As usual it's great quality (well it's Plaid Hat), it's just smaller than expected.