ReAnimator board game for Kickstarter this month:

If you’re of a certain age - ahem - you will probably remember the movie Re-Animator with mixed feelings. It was one of those terribly bad, somewhat good cult movies we endured back in the mid 1980’s. Based on the story Herbert West: Re-Animator by H.P. Lovecraft, Re-Animator follows the story of a medical student who experiments on re-animating dead tissue.

Now it’s 2017, the board game industry is booming and Dynamite Entertainment know a good licence when they see one. Enter the Re-Animator board game. Titled ReAnimator [sic] it's set to hit Kickstarter September 18, shipping February next year.

“The opportunity to publish the ReAnimator comic book series, based on the writings of one of science fiction’s greatest authors, was an honor on so many fronts,” says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher for Dynamite. “It’s thrilling to continue the expansion of Lovecraft’s universe in this exciting new game, and we know both ReAnimator and horror fans everywhere will be hooked from the moment they first roll the dice!”

ReAnimator the board game draws from both the original story and the comic book series. One to four players will try and perfect the foul experimentation of the re-animation serum.

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