Real Gwent card game coming?

Gwent is a card game within “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” video game. There have been rumors of a standalone Gwent card game for months, but nothing has come to light. At PAX Seattle, which just wrapped up, the developer of that video game – CD Projekt – mentioned there would be “good news” coming to fans of the Gwent card game.

We would guess that means there is a real standalone Gwent card game in development. The audience for the game is already set, with many fans of the video game baying for requesting a real world game based on the title.

Witcher Gwent card game getting a real tabletop game release?Could we be playing a real tabletop version of Gwent soon?

We’re split in the Gameapalooza team, some of us didn’t get why Gwent was so popular, some of us love it. Needless to say those that love it are awaiting news of the real life tabletop Gwent game release date.

Fingers crossed that’s what was being hinted at.