Spy it up in Covert by Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios has announced it will be releasing a new game from designer Kane Klenko (the man behind “Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Mad City”), that game? “Covert” a spy-themed board game.

Ooh spy-themed board game, well now, that could be interesting if done correctly. Players will play spies trying to glean information by assigning their spies with spy equipment and useful gear.

Kane Klenko Covert board game news and reviews Australia - Renegade Game StudiosCovert by Renegade Game Studios and designer Kane Klenko – If this is the boxart, we’re interested!

The game uses set-collection, resource management and a randomizer aspect with a dice mechanic and will play with two to four players.

We’ve contacted Renegade Game Studios for further information, because frankly, we think this one sounds pretty interesting, well that and we’ve been playing a lot of “Lanterns: The Harvest Festival” lately, also by RGS.

What do you think?