Room 25 written Game Review

If you’ve seen the 1997 movie “Cube” starring Nicole de Boer aka Ezre Dax from “Deep Space Nine” you’ll know the setting for “Room 25” very well. If not, here’s the scoop: You are trapped (with others) in this sort of sick game show wherein cube shaped rooms host various things, some are safe, some are nasty, some rooms force you to do certain actions and some are instant death.

Setup & Gameplay
A programmed action game, players choose a character, get a character figure and some action tokens. Players use their action tokens by placing them near their player card face down. All players flip them in turn (you can do one or two actions during your turn, one at a time) and whatever it is, it’s completed. If you’ve played games like “Colt Express” and “River Dragons”, you’ll know this mechanic well. It’s fun because everyone’s actions are affected by everyone else’s. Once they’re locked in, that’s you done and this occurs each round.

Matagot Games Room 25 board game review by gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsRoom-25 is a nice little game – Shame about those stereotypes

Players choose their actions secretly. You can check out adjacent rooms, enter an adjacent room, shove someone into an adjacent room, or you can also slide an entire row in the complex. If you want to be a jerk, you can use the shove another player into an adjacent room, so if it’s full of traps, they get chopped to bits if they can’t escape. The overall premise of the game is to find the exit / escape room and ensure it ends up on the external area of the play area when you’re all inside.

There’s a few different “Room 25” game modes, so that’s pretty cool, giving you options for co-op, traitor or even solo mode. We thought Suspicion Mode was fun. Before the start of the game players get tiles showing that they’re either a contestant on the show, trying to get out, or a guard,. Needless to say if you’re a guard it’s your job to make the viewers happy. How? Well you need to try and off the other players. This is the one guys, this is where this game truly shines. We played the various modes and this is the one that people wanted to play again.

Room-25 written game review by gameapalooza australian board game news and reviewsHmm what’s in that room there, might peek in and see.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, Matagot make quality games. It’s a shame this one is let down slightly by some awful character stereotypes, particularly those of the female variety (one of which is called The Bimbo). That aside, the characters all look great, really nice artwork. Downside is they’re essentially all the same thing other than the artwork, which is also a real shame. It would have been great had they had their own special skills / abilities, but hey, you can always add some (see house rules). It should be noted that the expansion – Room 25: Season 2 – dealt with both of these issues, giving the characters names over silly stereotypes and also their own abilities. Well done Matagot, it’s a good company that takes time to listen to gamers and take things on board and implements them.

Game Build Quality
As we kind of just touched on, Matagot are quality. The tiles are thick, the box is sturdy, the miniatures could be a little better (and different colors), but they’re good. Player cards are thin, but they’re not terrible. Overall, a nice quality game.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Before play, give each character a special skill, try and keep them balanced. Things like look twice, move twice, push twice, push through two rooms (good for the colossus), additional row slide etc. Come up with your own, it’s fun trying to link them to the characters.

1-6 Players
Ages: 8+
Setup Time: A few minutes
Play Time: 25-40 minutes

Room 25 is a good game, particularly in the hidden traitor mode. We definitely had more fun playing it that way than in the other modes. It’s well made, fairly sound mechanically and with the right group it really does evoke the claustrophobic feel of an evil game show. We think this is one to try before you buy, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you could do worse than Room 25.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Room 25 is a small to medium box game, it has a clever pre-programmed play mechanic and is fun to play. It’s not a perfect game, but it does give you choice of play modes and is – yet again – top notch quality from Matagot Games. One to try before you buy. Definitely worth checking out the suspicion mode.
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