Merry Christmas Tabletop Game Fans, from the Gameapalooza Team

If you celebrate Christmas…. Merry Christmas Goozers (that’s what we’ve decided to call our awesome readers). The big man in the red and white board shorts has been! (here in Australia he wears board shorts, deal with it). We have little doubt if you’re a regular reader here, you got some tabletop games delivered, congrats! … but which one do you play first?

Maybe you have family over? It’s rude to dive in and play something deep after Christmas dinner, start light and beginner friendly. Unless you’re in the very lucky position of having an all singing all dancing board gaming family.

board game christmas day merry christmas 2015 from the gameapalooza teamMerry Christmas, Happy Holidays etc. from the Gameapalooza Team

If you got something off our top games for Christmas 2015 list, you’re in for a treat and most of those would totally be playable with any level of gamer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get gaming, what are you hanging out on a tabletop gaming website for… skedaddle!