Santopoly the Santorini Monopoly board game

Santorini meets Monopoly in Santopoly. No relation to the Santorini, tabletop game we all love and the Santorini game we think you should buy.

Still, maybe you love Monopoly (shame on you) and maybe you love Santorini (the place), so we figured we'd cover this much to our chagrin.

Santopoly comes to us from designers Thomas Karakletsos and Dimitra Lola who 'invented' the game after having spent time in Santorini.

“We were at a cafe/bar/gallery in Oia one afternoon, towards the end of the summer in 2015, and noticed that there weren’t any board games, which we’re both fans of,” Dimitra, who works as tour guide on the island told the Greek newspaper, Kathimerini.

The project only managed a 2% funding on IndieGogo, but has gone ahead through its own website. You have to hand it to the creators, they loved the project and just went with it despite the original campaign fail.

Be sure and check it out even if you don't make a purchase. Board gaming needs this sort of passion. Good luck to the creators in finding all those Monopoly lovers out there. The little buildings are certainly cute.