Santorini board game by Roxley Games – Worth a look on Kickstarter

We mentioned Roxley Games upcoming game “Santorini” a couple of weeks ago in our weekly news roundup, but we’re mentioning it again today because it’s now live on Kickstarter and we think it’s worth a look.

Roxley Games Santorini is now on Kickstarter and you should take a lookRoxley Games Santorini – A beautiful thing now on Kickstarter.

As you can see above, “Santorini” is a beautiful looking game, but more importantly, it looks like it will be simple to play, thus making it a fantastic game for gateway gamers. Now whilst most of the Gameapalooza team have played games since the 70’s or 80’s, we do get non-gamers at events, gamenights and get-togethers, so we’re always on the lookout for a good gateway game.

“Santorini” by Roxley Games is an almost perfect looking Kickstarter project, the only thing that jumped out to us as odd was the addition of a female sculpt as a stretch goal, we feel that should have been included as standard, but hey, you can’t have it all.

Santorini board game by Roxley Games now on KickstarterSantorini, pretty nice right?

We suggest you check out the project and see if you want in, a few of us have backed “Santorini” already, we just couldn’t resist. Can you?

Roxley Games Santorini Kickstarter project page.

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