Scrutiny …It’s All About Me – Board Game Review

Here we are with another super light family / party game review. We know our main readership have little interest in these sorts of games, but we make a point of covering all types of games and hey, maybe you need to know more about the “Scrutiny” board game.

“Scrutiny” (tagline “…it’s all about me!”) is a light game for 2-6 players ages 12+. The game revolves around players drawing cards, reading a scenario and choosing one of the three answers they feel best suits themselves. The other players then need to guess which answer the active player chose, get it right, roll the die and move, get it wrong, don’t roll. That’s essentially the upshot and as you can probably tell, it’s extremely simple.

Scrutiny board game review gameapalooza australia for Aussie board game news and reviewsScrutiny the board game – Family fun.. FAMILY fun.

Setup, Gameplay of Scrutiny
Setup is simple, unfold the glossy board, assign each player a plastic token and the 1,2,3, tokens, you’re ready to begin. There’s no ‘hook’ here, there’s no fifth, there’s no hidden game mechanic that opens “Scrutiny” up into something a little deeper, it is what it is, a fun, light, mass marketed board game.

The first player rolls the coloured die, draws a card from the matching coloured deck, (green = personal challenge, blue = integrity challenge, red = celebrity challenge) and reads it aloud “There’s no parking spaces in the carpark, do I 1.Keep looking, 2.Park in a disabled and be really quick in the store, 3.Park in a disabled space and feign disability” (non verbatim example). They place their 1, 2, or 3 token face down, the other players think about the kind of person the active player is and places their chosen token face down (trying to match the active players). All players flip tokens, matching players get to roll the die and move on the board, get it wrong, no move for you. If no one gets it right, the active player gets to roll the die and move and here lay a major issue we found with the game, it’s essentially broken.

As well as this rule breaking the game, we felt the luck of having to land ON the finish space was also a silly addition, see the house rules and overall for more.

Game Build Quality
It’s a well made, mass market game. The usual high gloss box and board, plastic player markers, a regular 6-sided-die and a 6-sided color die. Everything is good quality for this style of game, nothing leaps out as being astounding / groundbreaking.

2-6 Players

Ages: 12+

Setup Time: A minute
Play time: Approx 20-45 minutes (dependent on play number).

We found “Scrutiny” the board game to be broken in a couple of places and we had to house rule it. Firstly, if the active “Scrutiny” player chooses to, he / she can basically choose the least likely answer, thus making it hard for players to guess correctly, the active player then gets to roll. Also according to the official “Scrutiny” game rules “The first player (or players) to roll the correct number to land on the finish at the end of a round is (are declared the winner(s)! The round does not finish until all players have completed the roll of the die”. So essentially the ENTIRE GAME comes down to luck, because you have to land ON the finish at the end of a round.

As you might be able to tell, we didn’t overly enjoy “Scrutiny”, but we are heavy gamers, so in the interest of fairness we played it with parents and parents-in-law of our main group and they enjoyed the game, they didn’t LOVE the game, but they enjoyed the game more than those of us who are into games you can’t buy in Target or Kmart.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Deal with that broken game issue in “Scrutiny” by vetoing an active players turn. If everyone votes that they have thrown their turn by choosing a highly unlikely answer, the active player does not get to roll.

As for landing ON the finish, balls to that, if you pass the finish line you’re the winner (on a completed round the player who lands furthest in front over the finish line is the winner).

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – If you’ve got SUPER light gamers in your family or group then Scrutiny holds some amusement. If you’re looking for a board game with depth and a lot of replayability, Scrutiny sadly isn’t it. With the sheer amount of great light board games now available, we’d say bodyswerve this one in favor of one of those.
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