Scuba from Keep Exploring Games

Get ready to put your diving gear on because Keep Exploring Games are bringing “Scuba” to market in September. If you’ve heard of “Scuba” before, you might remember the Kickstarter from back in January / February this year.

Try to find as many types of fish as possible, make combinations of those, create a trail of dust so that your opponents can’t find fish there this turn. Be cautious of currents, find treasure or face misadventure. And at all times keep an eye on your air supply, because you don’t want to run out of that underwater… Scuba is a game for 2-4 players and lasts about 15 minutes per player.

Scuba by Keep Exploring Games Scuba board game - Gameapalooza Australian board game newsScuba, prepare to dive!

If you’re interested in “Scuba”, Keep Exploring Games are going to be setting up a webshop where you can pre-order a copy. Until then, you can send them an e-mail to for pre-order options.