The elusive search for The Oregon Trail card game

As an ‘older’ gamer one has fond memories of “The Oregon Trail” video game, played way back in the mid 80’s (or perhaps early 80’s). It was one of those games that relied heavily on text for gameplay and that text was usually one of three things, boring, politically incorrect or a lesson in life and death (sometimes via measles, sometimes via dysentery).

The Oregon Trail card game gameapalooza AustraliaThe Oregon Trail is a harsh harsh place.

When I heard the “The Oregon Trail” card game was available in Target USA, I got family visiting the USA to go on a mission, to find the elusive Oregon Trail card game. You see the thing is, our Target stores here in Australia carry games, but they are the mass marketed type (Monopoly, Uno, Connect 4 etc), so I needed this, I needed it bad.

The Oregon Trail in Target USA empty shelves everywhereYet another empty shelf snapchat.

In every new town / city my family member hit the pavement and headed for Target on the hunt for the game, but alas, the shelves were bare! It did become amusing receiving yet another snapchat with yet another empty shelf (of which there were many.. MANY). And then, today, it happened….

FOUND The Oregon Trail card gameFOUND! One copy of The Oregon Trail card game!

Ahh yes, in mere days the Gameapalooza main game group will be traveling the trail, getting broken limbs, snake bites and yes…. dysentery! I'm looking forward to checking it out for sure.

The Oregon Trail will soon be in AustraliaThe Oregon Trail will soon be in Australia giving us measles and dysentery.

What game have you searched high and low for before finally finding it? Hit us up on social and let us know.