Hop! family game from Passport and Funforge

Winner of the cutest game announcement of the week has to go to Hop! from Funforge and Passport Game Studios. Set for a September release, Hop! sees players trying to race through the sky, crossing the path of the legendary hippopocorns. The artwork is adorable little surprise given Marie Cardouat and Ludovic Maublanc being attached to the project.

Climb cloud to cloud in order to be the first to reach the top of the sky. Each challenge you face is another chance to rise higher in the sky —but helping other players also earns you rewards. Numerous challenges can be met only by helping or being helped by the other players.

Be clever and you will gain levels, but choose your partners wisely in order to limit the points they gain alongside you. As soon as someone reaches level 7, the game comes to an end, and the player with the most points wins!

Passport Games and Funroge tabletop game Hop! family game release September

The pre-painted figures this game comes with look adorable and it’s no wonder when artist Marie Cardouat is involved.

Hop! board game pre-painted figuresHop! comes with pre-painted figures, lovely.

If you like cutesy family games, you might want to keep Hop! from Passport Games and Funforge on your radar. It’s due for a US release at the end of this month (and will no doubt hit Aussie shelves some time after that).