Deep Space Settlers of Catan retheme

Hats off to artist Amy Wang who has redesigned Settlers of Catan, turning it into one heck of an epic space adventure. With a laser cutter and some colored acrylic, Settlers of Catan becomes Deep Space Settlers and it is a thing of beauty, right down to the box it’s stored in.

Deep Space Settlers of Catan a Beautiful Settlers of Catan rethemeDeep Space Settlers of Catan…. wow.

The discovery of resources in a deep space setting in nothing new in board gaming, with a few games doing it to good effect, but there is something really futuristic about the aesthetic treatment here.

deep space settlers of catan rethemeSettlers of Catan in deep space…. so simple yet divine.

There are loads more pictures of this project over at the source below, we urge you – if you are a lover of tabletop gaming – to check out what can be done with some imagination and the right tools. Lovely.

Source: [FuzzyWobble]